Liquid Hair Chalk Pastel Blue

$15.00 AUD


The Brite Team spent a lot of time thinking about their days in school chemistry class to come up with this me. Just because something starts out as liquid doesn’t mean it has to stay this way. 

I start out as liquid and then dry into a super vibrant pigment colour on your hair. The team thought the easiest way to apply me was in a cute chunky marker pen. I’m super intense.

To use me simply depress the nib to get the liquid chalk flowing and apply to any shade of hair. Glide down the length of the hair from root to tip.

From the lightest blonde to the darkest brunette I create super high colour coverage.

Some people like to give a light misting of hair spray to set the colour if they’re being super wild and exciting.

To remove me just shampoo out.

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